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Following the recent round of degression for the Domestic RHI, Biomass premiums have been reduced by 20%, But Ground source Premiums have actually gone up to over 19p/kWh!

Other News:

Slinkies By the Sea.

An installation near Barmouth is progressing with four 30m trenched slinkies now in place. (Pictures to follow)

It's your property.

You understand what you need from a heating system, and you have your own ideas about how to move forward with updating your system to reflect the changing energy market; after all, it's your fuel bills.

You have your questions

There is a new world of technologies that provide opportunities to improve the efficiency of your heating and hot water provision. Appropriately, there are a raft of questions that come with them.

How well do they work? How will I benefit more from one approach or another? Is it cost effective? Are they suitable for my needs? There are lists of questions that have to be answered before you can start planning an installation. Asking questions is not just optional research; it's part of the process.

Your Objectives

Reduced fuel bills, greater comfort, more control, less hassle. There are lots of reasons to think about renewable energy as the resource of choice. Less dependency on fossil fuels gives you long term protection from energy price increases, and of course radically reduce your personal carbon footprint on the environment.

We have the answers

We manage every stage of the planning and design procedure, concept to completion, with you in mind.

As an MCS accredited company we follow a thorough set of regulations that ensure industry grade quality management. Robust calculation methods provide you with the facts and figures that you need to make the right decision.